Football Fantasy League   Web Application
An internal Portal to catch the Fantasy of the Soccer Fans. The Portal for the authorized users allow to lock and play the Fantasy League. Various custom reports and User Friendly interface make the fantasy reach to teh next level. A one-in-all platform for the Users as well as the Administrator
  BPL Cricket Premier League   Web Portal
An Automated tool for an Auction-made Cricket Tournament for an organization. An Internal portal specific to the Organizers of the Tournament to automate the Process of the Tournament. Staring from Auction, Player Selection, Scoring, Results and Victory.
Google Map Locator Web Application
An Awesome way to find your location on the satelite Map provided by Google. Find, Navigate and Browse through locations at just a click .
  Advanced Google Map Locator Web Application
An Advanced version to the Google Map Application. Show Your own location and location details with beautiful animation and effects.Be Your own Administrator and add this to anywhere in your web Application.
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